Monday, December 17, 2012

NC Trip November 2012: Car Stats

I left home November 18, 2012 with odometer at 10,983 miles and set the trip o. to zero.  Returning home December 1st, the odometer was  13,301 miles and 2318 for the trip.  The overall mpg was at 27.8 when I left and 32.8 on return.

I listened to the usual Sunday shows on my way around the Chicago area on Il-47.  That would be Breakfast With the Beatles on WXRT and Rock and Roll Roots on WDRV.

Gas prices on 47:  $3.65 in Elburn, $3.35 in Yorkville, $3.48 in Morris.

About the time I got to Forrest, I picked up 98.3, the Whip and had plenty of Christmas music.  In Gibson City, I was stopped by a fast-moving, but short train.  Drove through the downtown where they had a big Christmas tree set up in the middle of the street.  I have never seen a busier McDonald's than the one at Gibson City.

Listening to the new Jason Aldean album and the Rolling Stones' Greatest Hits double CD, Grrr.

Got my first gas of the trip in Crawfordsville, Indiana, on I-74.

Gas Prices Next.  --RoadDog

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