Sunday, December 2, 2012

Football On the Road Home Yesterday: Way Too Sad

Yesterday, I had plenty of college football on the way from Columbus, Ohio, to home. 

My brother Bob called to congratulate the Huskies on the victory and said he had watched the game all the way through.  Mom had called last night during the game to say she too was watching.

I had a nice talk with the manager of the Skyline Chili place off I-70 in Dayton, Ohio.  He had watched the game last night and said it was one of the best he'd ever seen.  Of course, I was in full Huskie garb at the time, just in case someone didn't know who I was for.  We talked Huskie football for awhile and I told him that unfortunately we would soon have to be looking for a new head coach even though Doeren was signed through 2017.

At the Pilot station in Crawfordsville, Indiana, a carload of Nebraska Cornhusker fans pulled in and piled out for food.  They were in full regalia as well and headed for Indianapolis for the Big 10, er-11, er-12, well, now Big 14 Conference Championship game with Wisconsin.  I said nothing to them as I'm pulling for Wisconsin.  Of course, who cares about little-bitty NIU when you're from one of the Big Guys.

I tuned into 670 AM, the Score, and listened to the Georgia-Alabama SEC Championship game on my way.  This was a great game, going back and forth a lot.  I was for Georgia as I did go there one year and several family members graduated from there.

Enjoying the game (Georgia was ahead) when they did a recap on yesterday's games.  I was enjoying hearing the MAC Championship game which NIU won in double overtime over a very good Kent State team. 

That is when the bombshell dropped.  They announced that our coach had become the North Carolina State football coach.  Again, I knew it was coming, but was hoping for at least one more year to prove himself since most of his starters are from the previous coach who left two years ago.  When you hire a young coach like Doeren, they are always looking to go to the next level, no matter what they say about commitment and loyalty.

Sure wasn't a happy drive the rest of the way, especially when Georgia lost.

At Least Wisconsin Demolished Nebraska.  --RoadDog

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