Monday, December 10, 2012

Music From the Road: Lobo

And, I had always thought Lobo was the name of the group made famous for "Me and You and a Dog Named Boo," kind of a takeoff on Me and Bobby McGee as I always think.

I brought along The Best of Lobo CD for my driving pleasure.  And, I read in the liner notes that Lobo was just one guy, Roland Kent LaVoie.  Actually, I was thinking Lobo only had that one hit that hit it big, #5, but he also had two other Top Tens #2 "I'd Love You to Want Me," and #8 "Don't Expect Me to be Your Friend."  And, then there five other Top 40s.

LaVoie sold 15 million singles and three million albums!!  He grew up in Florida and as a teenager competed with a band which had Gram Parsons and Jim "Spiders and Snakes" Stafford in the Winter Haven, Fl. area.  His producer for "Boo" was Phil Gernhard who had worked with the Royal Guardsmen on those Snoopy hits.

I also liked "She Didn't Do Magic," "A Simple man," "A Big Red Kite, "Rock and Roll Days" and "Rings."

Well Worth a Listen.  --RoadDog

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