Tuesday, December 11, 2012

So, Where Actually Is Farmer City?

All these times through the area on my way to or from North Carolina, I never did know exactly where Farmer City was (the town where WWHP is located).  I was very familiar with Farmersville on the old Route 66 between Springfield and Litchfield in Illinois (off I-55).  At first, I was thinking that was what they were saying, even.

Plus, they often had commercials for places in Urbana/Champaign and Bloomington/Normal so very likely somewhere between those two twin cities.  I looked the place up, and it is half way between the two places on US-150/I-74 in DeWitt County.  As of the 2000 census, it had 2,055 people. 

It was first settled in 1830 and Lincoln went through the area on his judicial circuit riding.

Farmer City is classified as a city, so is the City of Farmer City.


The station claims to be located somewhere between Memphis and Chicago and Blues all day Mondays.  The station streams at www.wwhp.com.

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