Thursday, December 13, 2012

That Old Time Music and Bluegrass in Galax, Virginia

The radio station WBRF transmits from Galax, Virginia.  Never heard of it, so looked up some information on it on good old Wikipedia.  I'm glad I did as I'm putting it on my list of places to visit next time through.

The city of Galax is located in the southwest part of Virginia, by its panhandle.  I figured it was pronounced Galax with a short first "a", but it turns out to be a long "a."

It is famous for its "old-timey music and musicians."  Actually, the whole area between Galaz and Mt. Airy is considered the center of this genre.

"Old Time Music" has its roots in the folk music of England, Scotland, Ireland and Africa.  It also features folk dances such as square dancing, buck dancing and clogging.  Its instruments are acoustic stringed ones.  One of the better-known groups is The Lost City Ramblers.

The Blue Ridge Music Center is located just a few miles away from Galaz on the Blue Ridge Parkway at Milepost 213.  Every year the Old Fiddler's Convention is held as it has been ever since 1935.

Getting My Andy, Porkchop Sandwiches and Music to Boot.  --RoadDog


DennyG said...

I spent one night in Galax, had some really good BBQ, and attended a little concert at the Blue Ridge Music Center. Highly recommended. I need to get there again.

RoadDog said...

Also on my list of places to go next time through. I've heard something about a "Crooked Road" drive through the area with some very interesting music.

I think the movie "Lawless" featured some of it.