Thursday, December 27, 2012

Dropping Possums and Coal

In the self-proclaimed Possum Capital of the South, a descending marsupial marks the countdown at the New Year's Eve Possum Drop at Clay's Corner in Brasstown, NC, (pop 240).  Owner Clay Logan calls it a "hi-tech redneck event."

PETA has sued the NC Wildlife Resources Commission to prohibit the use of a live opossum for the event.  Logan says that in past years, the unharmed critter was released afterwards.

He started the shindig in 1993 to attract customers to his out-of-the-way store.  He sells possum-related hats, tee-shirts,postcards, etc..  It also features hillbilly humor, a Miss Possum contest and fireworks.

Shamokin, Pennsylvania, (pop. 7,374) its a New Year's Eve Coal Drop.  Hey, its in the heart of coal country.  A large black lump of Styrofoam wrapped in multicolored lights drops down a flagpole.

And, Pickles Get In On the Act.  --RoadDog

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