Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Two Really Fine Radio Stations on the Trip-- Part 1: The Whip

I've driven to North Carolina so often, I have found two radio stations close to the same FM number that I always try to tune in when I'm in the area.

The first is in central Illinois at 98.3 FM,. WWHP, the Whip.  On Il-47, you start to get good reception at Forrest, north of Champaign.  This station plays bluegrass, alternative country, blues and Americana, often on auto-feed, but sometimes with a deejay (even better).  They are based out of Farmer City, Illinois, 

There was to be Christmas parade in a local town and were playing Christmas songs I'd never heard before.  Of course, any time I listen to the station, I hadn't heard most of what they play which is why I like it so much.  (I was hoping they hadn't switched to the all-Christmas song format that so many stations do this time of the year these days.  Heard it on the way back and there was no Christmas music!!  Good news.

I take I-74 east from Mahomet, past Champaign-Urbana and reception continues until about half-way between those two towns and Danville.

Well worth giving it a listen if you're in the area.

Give Me That Whip and I'll Cruise.  --RoadDog

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