Saturday, January 14, 2012

Trip Stuff: No Oysters for Me-- Where's Danica?-- NIU Goes Big Time

1.  NO OYSTERS FOR ME--  We've visited a local's place here in PCB called Dusty's Oyster Bar where we always end up where they are shucking the oysters.  Got to talkng with one of the shuckers who said Apalachicola oysters were the best in the world and that I should try one. 

I told him I had had a bad oyster back in the 1980s and couldn't eat one.  He kept insisting that I do a little "hair of the dog" and try one.  I kept saying no and he even threatened to slip one into my beer.  I kept a close eye on my beer after that.

2.  WHERE'S DANICA?--  On our way to Mobile, we spent a night at the TraveLodge in Springfield, Illinois.  While in the bar, we mentioned that we were on our way to the Go-Daddy Bowl. to which several people immediately mentioned the name Danica Patrick.

I seemed to remember she was a NASCAR driver.  We saw later that she is sponsored by the Go-Daddy folks.  I bet you, however, that she was not at the bowl game.

3.  NIU GOES BIG TIME--  Two days ago, while walking from Reggae J's to Buffalo Wild Wings at Pier Park here in Panama City Beach, we passed a store called University Sports and Gifts and decided to go in and look around.  As you would expect, they had lots of Alabama championship stuff as well as Gators and Seminoles.  As a joke, I asked where their Northern Illinois stuff was. 

THEY HAD NIU TEESHIRTS!!!  We just had to buy one for Liz.  They were $14 apiece or 2 for $20 so looked around and were also shocked to find East Carolina so bought one for me.

Hard to Believe They'd Have NIU Stuff in Panama City Beach, Florida.  --RoadDog

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