Friday, January 13, 2012

Joe's Corner Bar in Panama City, Fl.: NTN and Wings Too-- Part 2

Probably a good way to describe the interior is rustic and well-used.  Those of you who find it necessary to eat at Applebee's or TGIF might not like it.  But we sure do.


Plus, there are the drink prices.  I doubt that you can find a pitcher anywhere in Florida for $4 (Natty Light).  It is $4.75 for Bud Light.  You drink out of a pint Mason jar. 

There were actually folks playing NTN.  We've been to just over 950 NTN sites over the years and usually no one is playing.  And the few times we have had other players, not a word was said to us.  These folks are friendly.

They only serve one thing, and that is wings, so they had better be good.  And they are.  They come just right with no extra charge for blue cheese or ranch or the carrots and celery.  You can get them mild to burn your face off.  We went mild. 

A batch of 12 is $7, but it's a better deal at 20 for $8.75.  Unfortunately, the wings are about Buffalo Wild Wing Size, so that's pretty small.

But, the taste is just great.  Those guys at BW3 were right on the money saying they were the best.

I didn't know it, but when we were leaving, a guy said the tree that towers above the place is actually "in the place."  If it is, it is not out in the bar area, but from the outside, it looks as if an addition to the structure was built around it.  See the above photo.

As Arnold Would Say, "I'll Be...."  --RoadDog


Daddy Bob said...

Did you take the pictures or get
them off the net? They are really well done.

RoadDog said...

These are ones I took. Liz puts them on my pictures. I'll be learning how to do that myself soon.