Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Careful Bob, That Route 66 Can Be Very Addictive

And I really speak from personal experience.

From Fox Chicago Jan. 24th "Bob Sirott's One More Thing About Detours and Route 66."

Bob Sirott is a well-known television personality here in Chicago.  Before that, he was a deejay on Chicago's WLS Radio back when it played pop music.

Even though Sirott is a Chicago-boy, he has always liked detours, especially in small town America: "It's filled with friendly folks and a world of educational surprises.  It takes me back to the time dad piled out family into the Buick and drove us all the way to Los Angeles and back on Route 66."

This past Tuesday, he had an interview in Joliet and on his way back to I-55 saw a sign for the Joliet Area Historical Museum and took an unplanned detour.

He was amazed at how many artifacts and displays they had on Route 66 and the Lincoln Highway.  Then he found that none other than Paul McCartney had driven Route 66 back when he was 66 (not 64).  I imagine he talked to the same person at the gift shop that I did.

It was getting time for lunch and the museum suggested Dell Rhea's Chicken Basket in Willowbrook which has been serving up that great poultry since 1946.  Current owner Pat is Dell's son and he has run the place for 49 years.

I'm Just Saying, Beware Those Old Roads.  They Are Very Addictive and I Ought to Know.  --RoadDog

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Daddy Bob said...

F.Y.I. We went on the CA trip in the 1964 Chevrolet Belair. The Buick was a 1969 model. I enjoy reading your blogs.