Monday, January 9, 2012

Huskies Win!!

The Game That Would Never End finally ended at 11:59 pm, last  night (began at 8).  Despite an opening 12 minutes of Huskie "Not" offense and a 13-0 deficit, the boys came back to take a 14-13 lead and then scored right before half to go up 21-13.

Huskie hearts were faint when qb Harnish went out with a sprained foot in the second, but after an initial misfire, backup Lynch got a TD, then Harnish returned to engineer a TD as time expired in the second quarter.

Third quarter was scoreless after the Huskie scored a quick one to go up 28-13.  In the 4th, after a Northern field goal (three other field goal attempts were missed), Arkansas State roared back down the field and NIU led 31-20.  Later Northern scored on an interception and won the game 38-20.

Didn't get back to the room until 2 am, way past the bed  time for this old dog and I'm paying for it today.

Go Huskies!!  --RoadDog

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