Saturday, January 7, 2012

Meeting Diesel

We were downtown Mobile for their Mardi Gras parade tonight.  We were told that even though the season doesn't yet officially begin, they have a parade when anything major is going on in the town.  Impressive and with a lot of black bands, the absolute best marching bands as well as the Arkansas State and Northern bands.

Caught a ton of beads and got clobbered by a lot as well.

Afterwards, we adjourned over to the park by the convention center which was billed as a pep rally, but was really an ASU rally.  They did have a real nice fireworks display, however.

We had the opportunity to meet Diesel, who is a Siberian huskie and has the role of our real live mascot.  He is eight years old and one magnificent Huskie specimen with beautiful markings.  Even more interesting, we found out that he lives in Round lake Beach, where we used to live.  He got the job because his owner's daughter was a cheerleader back five years ago.

Got some great pictures with the pooch, who we call Victor E. Huskie.

Get It!!  --RoadDog

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