Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Notes from the 2012 Go-Daddy Bowl

1.  HOW'S THAT AGAIN?--  We couldn't help but smile when they started announcing that fans should stick around after the game for the awards ceremony.  Usually you expect that ceremony to occur the same day as the game, but by the second quarter, it was appearing that the awards would go out tomorrow (and they surely did, the game ended at 11:59 PM.)  They should have been saying, "The awards ceremony will be tomorrow morning, real early-like."

2.  "WE REMEMBER YOU GUYS"--  Between the red of NIU and Arkansas State, as well as the red of Alabama, Mobile was awash in crimson this past weekend.  After all, 'Bama was playing in that other bowl the next day.

It did me proud that whenever a "Bama fan saw us in our NIU stuff they would invariably say, "We remember you guys.  You beat us!!"

Made you proud to be a Huskie!!"

3.  GO-DADDIED TO DEATH--  I know it was their bowl and all, but I lost count of Go-Daddy ads at about fifty.  Then, there were all those TV timeouts.  Both teams sure spent a long time just standing on the field, waiting...waiting...waiting.

A Great Time.  --RoadDog

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