Friday, January 20, 2012

A Follow Up on the Destin McGuire's Bathrooms

A follow up on the earlier post.

Evidently someone didn't find the bathroom signs very funny as in 2007, the Destin McGuire's was ordered to take the signs down.  They had first gone up in 1997 in Destin and had been up in the Pensacola McGuire's for twenty years.

No doubt, at  some point back then, a bunch of folks at the Pensacola place were sitting around after a pint or two or three and someone came up with the idea, "Hey, you know what would be funny?" 

The city or some governmental body got them for "Lack of signage properly designating bathrooms."

Evidently, something happened because they're back.  Still doing a double look at all bathroom doors.

Like the Tee Shirt Says, "Once Maybe...Twice Never."  -RoadDog


DennyG said...

Quite a few years ago, a male friend of mine was traveling through Pennsylvania. At a gas stop, he felt a rather urgent need for the facilities and dashed to the side of the station where a restroom sign pointed. The first door was clearly marked WOMEN so he hurried by it and burst through the next one. Inside a blonde women was brushing her hair at a mirror. He immediately reversed himself but before he could move on, the blonde called out "Don?" and he responded "Bridgette?".

Back in Ohio, Don and Bridgette lived fifteen or so miles apart and knew each other fairly well. Without either even being aware of the other's travel, they had driven a couple of hundred miles into Pennsylvania to meet each other in a women's rest room that had two doors. It's a small world and you gotta be careful in it.

RoadDog said...

Got To Love Those Coincidences.

Was she in the wrong bathroom or was he?

DennyG said...

He was. The women's room had two doors on the side of the building with the single men's door in the back. All properly marked but weird.