Monday, January 2, 2012

The History at Chicago's Soldiers Field

It is too bad that Da Bears won't be hosting any playoff games at Soldiers Field this year, despite at one time being 7-3, but five straight losses will kind of knock you out of contention.  At least they won the last game against Minnesota.

This past summer, I was able to go to the field at the invite of the USMC, when  the Great Lakes Recruiting Battalion had their change of commandant.  I took a walk around the new Soldiers Field (how long before it gets a corporate name, but being named for the military perhaps not.

There were large pictures along what they call South Field of events that have taken place there.

1937  Ski jump
1978  Rolling Stones concert
1942  Army War Show
1927  Notre Dame vs. USC football game
1959  All Star Game
1926  Rodeo
10=933  Music Festival
1966  Freedom Rally1926  Eucharist Congress

There were also the words to that great song, "Bear Down Chicago Bears and a ticket from the Oct. 12, 1952 Bears vs. Dallas Texans game.

A Great Trip Back Into History.  --RoadDog

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