Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Some More on Chicago's Soldiers Field

I found Soldiers Field medals in benches in one area.

And, then there was a good quote, "The price of greatness is responsibility."

We were able to even go out onto the field in the south end zone.  The stadium seats between 61,500  to 63,000 people

It is a real grass field and the sod has to be replaced often.

We toured the field, but unfortunately weren't able to go into the Bears locker room.  At one time people were allowed into it, but too many things "disappeared."  We did go into an auxiliary locker room, nice, but not the real thing.  Our guide said the Visitors Locker Room would be rated a 2-star, but Da Bears is a 5-Star,

We were shown the McCaskey Sky Box (from the field) which is on the far north end.  You'd think they would have the "Best Seats in the House" or, as the Uke would say, "Must be in the front row."  But Virginia McCaskey, founder George Hallas' daughter, insists that the fans get the best seats.

Soldiers Field is owned by the Chicago Park District.

And That's the Bear Truth.  --RoadDog

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