Monday, January 16, 2012

A Sad Day for Us Packer Fans

This morning, I wore my Packer sweatshirt to the "Romeo" meeting in the Osprey's lounge and got quite a few comments about yesterday's game.   Everyone agreed that the Packers just didn't show up.

Typing away outside the room and it is just about warm enough to take off that sweatshirt.  First time it happened since we've been here.  Been pretty cold in the mornings, but still considerably warmer than back home.

I hate those week off byes when you have a good record in the football playoffs.  I  think the Packer receiving corps was still on vacation and what was with all those fumbles?

We saw the first half of the game with a whole bunch of Packer fans at Salty Sue's on Back Beach Road, US-98, while enjoying $1.50 pints and ten jumbo smoked wings for $5.  They smoke 'em for three hours and man does that flavor come through.

We figured that if we went to another place maybe he Packers would return to the form that led to the 15-1 record, so went to Buffalo Wild Wings at Pier Park.  The place was packed with mostly Packer fans, but it was the Giant fans having most of the fun.

Most left early.

Oh well, had to console ourselves at Donovan's Reef.

There's Always Next Year.  --RoadDog

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