Monday, January 2, 2012

Across the Lincoln Highway

Articles in the Fall 2011 Loncoln Highway Forum

**Michael G. Buettner had an article  "In Search of...The National Old Trails Road in Ohio.  As famous as the Lincoln Highway during the pre-numbered highways, was this one, which also included the even older National Road.

**  A Lincoln Highway Post Saved by Mary Lou Taylor.  One of only two original Boy Scout Lincoln Highway posts was hit by a vehicle in Mifflin, Ohio, and badly damaged, broken into several pieces.  Dick Taylor, who makes reproduction LH posts spent quite a bit of time, but managed to rebuild it.  Thanks, Dick.

**  Jeff LaFollette wrote an article about the fourth annual Iowa Lincoln Highway Motor Tour that went west to east across the state.  We went on it two years ago, great ride.  next year's tour starts in Illinois where the first day 5-6 LH spots will be toured.

**  Part 1 of the Henry Bourne Joy 1916 Journey to Utah on the LH.  This is a photo trip.  We would not even consider the LH a poorly maintained dirt road at best today.

I'll Finish the Issue Tomorrow.  --RoadDog

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