Thursday, January 5, 2012

Ernie's Sign Is Down

Had we not got such a late start yesterday, we were thinking of stopping by the nursing home in Lincoln  where Ernie Edwards (The Old Coot on 66), owner of the Route 66 icon the Pig Hip Restaurant and listening to some stories.  We did stop by the site of his old place and home in Broadwell to see if it was still for sale.

We were on the super slab at the time and pulled off at Ernie's Broadwell exit, I call it that because there is no way the state would have put in the interchange at such a thriving metropolis as Broadwell (I'm guessing 300 people) unless Ernie "arranged something" with someone.

The house no longer has a for sale sign (I don't know if it was sold or taken off the market), but it doesn't look lived in.  However, we did see that the sign had down, with just the borders of it still there.  Looks like it might have been blown down.  Even worse, the stuff on the side of the sign that I saw was gone.  I don't know if someone in his family took it or if a passerby did.

Nor do I know if the stuff on the other side is still there either.  To tell the truth, I don't know if it was two or one-sided.

All that remains are the red boards.

Anyway, I'm hoping the Route 66 Association in Illinois gets the sign for exhibit in Pontiac.

What Happened to Ernie's Sign?  --RoadDog

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