Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Time for a Break/A New Friend

Here at Panama City Beach for a bit of a rest from all the hoopla of last weekend.  Right now, sitting outside by the room and looking across at the Gulf of Mexico about 50-60 yards away.  Looks like the sun is trying to break through the haze.  The breeze blowing that wonderful salt air in.

For some reason, yesterday at the motel lobby, only new buddy Bill was wearing Arkansas State colors.  However, several folks had on Northern stuff.  It was kind of funny how we got to know Bill, who said that he went to the same high school in Arkansas that Bill Clinton did, but was one class higher.  The day before, I was sitting with another Huskie fan and saw Bill walk by.  I mistook his shirt for a Northern one and invited him to sit with us.  I imagine he was wondering why I would do that, us being on opposite sides as we were.

He sat down and we went on to have a great conversation.  Then, later learned that he was in the room right next to us.  We talked there as well, plus a bit before Sunday's game.  Yesterday, they invited us to visit them if we go to Arkansas.  Just might take them up on that.

A Tough Life, But Someone's Got to Do It.  --RoadDog

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