Friday, January 6, 2012

Throwed Rolls, 586 Miles, That Close

Yesterday, was a major driving day for us, with 586 miles under the tires, all superslab on I-55.  We had to make some time after getting only 220 the day before.  Actually, it would have been less miles yesterday, except we missed the exit at Grenada, Mississippi, and had to drive to just shy of Jackson before finding a motel.

We had our Lambert's fix in Sikeston, of course, with several "caught rolls," none dropped.  Called Cajun to let him know we were there, a little tradition we have when either of us are at a Lambert's.  Had my favorite pork streak and found a new favorite item, the cucumbers and onions.

Only problem after pigging out, is staying awake, especially of importance when driving.

After the Springfield shock yesterday, we were happy to find gas in Litchfield, Illinois, at $3,30 when we stopped for our Jack-in-the-Box taco fix.  The only problem was we had to "limit" ourselves to two apiece because of the planned stop at Lambert's.

Keeping an eye on gas prices.  Most places in Missouri, usually the cheapest gas in the US, were at $3.25.  However, we did find one place south of Sikeston at $3.10 so filled up there. 


Upon arriving at Canton, Mississippi, where we spent the night, I saw the Love's station at $3.10.  On the other side of I-55, while looking for a  motel, I saw the stations with $3.20 prices.  I drove back as quickly as I could, GAS GOUGE WAS ABOUT TO HAPPEN!!  The big interstate sign still read $3.10.  Got to the gas pump, inserted card and it read $3.20.  DARN!!

On the way out, I saw that the interstate sign now read $3.20.

A Moment Late and a Dollar Short (I Had to Put in Ten Gallons).  --RoadDog

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