Sunday, January 8, 2012

And We Came All the Way Down Here for Warm

Our now-annual trip to the Gulf Coast started five years ago in response to a really cold and snowy winter was and still a great relief to get away from all of that yucky stuff (sorry snowmobilers). 

However, today, I see that temps back home in northern Illinois are predicted at 46 degrees and 52 tomorrow.  Now, that is warm.  Temps here in Mobile are to be in the 70s, however and next week in Panama City Beach in the 60s and possibly 50s by Thursday.

Perhaps we should have stayed home.

Nah!  It will still be warmer here.

However, I would still like to point out that on two occasions, we got really warm January temperatures followed by some major calamities in northern Illinois.  Once was preceding the infamous Blizzard of '67 and the other was a few years back when we had tornadoes the next day.

And, Besides, We Have a Big Game Today.  --RoadDog

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