Thursday, September 8, 2016

Topsail Beach, N.C., Most Beautiful Little Beach Town in U.S.-- Part 2.

Here is what Trip Advisor had to say about Topsail Beach:

Topsail Beach shares a 26-mile long barrier island (Topsail Island) with two other sandy destinations:  North Topsail and Surf City.  Without huge hotels or glitzy attractions, Topsail Beach is a place to enjoy the beach in its simplest, purist form without the crowds or chaos of some popular coastal towns.

If your idea of paradise involves long days spent relaxing in the sun, lazily casting a line or catching up on your to-read list, you'll love the island's private, cozy cottages and beachside retreats just steps from the ocean.

Spend a rainy day at the Missiles and More Museum, where exhibits explore the secret missile testing program on Topsail during World War II and the pirate lore behind the beach's name.

A Great Place to Relax and I Now Have a Piece of It, For Awhile At Least.  --RoadDog

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