Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Hey, New Odyssey Playing in Wilmington, N.C. Next Saturday

Here's a surprise, I was looking up to check how to spell the word Odyssey for the last post.  I thought, I knew how, and I sort did, but not really.  (Figure that out).  But, anyway, I found out how to spell odyssey and then saw the website of the band New Odyssey and took a look at it.

Wow, I see they will be playing in Wilmington, North Carolina on September 24th for a Music on Market show.  Market Street is a major street in the city.  I will be at nearby Topsail Beach next Saturday and am thinking of driving over to Wilmington to see the band (which I saw on Sunday, August 14th)  I am writing about their show right now in this blog.  I also saw them again Thursday August 18th at McHenry in Veterans Park.

I see that Hampstead, North Carolina, is also having their annual Spot Festival, featuring that bony fish and lots of Beach bands so I might also stop  there during the afternoon. Saturday, the White Loafers in the afternoon on the 24th and later that night the Carolina Band, which I saw at the Trailer Bar in July in Surf City.  Sunday they are having one of the best Beach bands around, the Band of Oz.

Good Times At the Beach and Close By.  --RoadDog

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