Wednesday, September 7, 2016

News From Along Route 66, August 2016: Andy Payne Featured

From the Route 66 News site.  More information, pictures and other items at the site.  I just write about the ones of particular interest to me.

AUGUST 3--  Grants, N.M. will open the Route 66 Neon Drive-Thru on Saturday.  Looks like a neat new thing to visit.  Photo op, anyone?

AUGUST 4--  Heart of Route 66 Auto Museum opened to the public in Sapulpa, Oklahoma.  You can never have too many museums, especially those with those oldies and classics.

AUGUST 5--  The Cherokee Indians have put out a seven-minute film about the 1928 Trans-American Footrace, called the Bunion Derby.  It is mostly about Native son Andy Payne of Oklahoma who won it.  This footrace helped promote Route 66 and is well worth watching.


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