Sunday, September 4, 2016

Lovable North Carolina Landmarks-- Part 2: Truck Stop Lighthouse and Eiffel Tower Replica


KENLY  A seaside sentry stands watch over travelers who stop for gas or a meal at the Kenly 95 Truck Stop.  The 65-foot-tall version of the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse is "a symbol of hospitality for truckers and travelers alike.'

Find another replica of the Hatteras Light to the northeast, in Wilson.

Nearest Highway:  Interstate 95.


FAYETTEVILLE:  Enjoy a piece of Paris in the South, where an 80-foot-tall version of the Eiffel Tower sits within driving distance.  Built in 1963 to advertise the nearby Bordeaux Shopping Center, this little monument is a one-twelfth scale replica of the original.

Nearest Highways:  U.S. 401 Business, U.S. 301

Light My Tower.  --RoadDog

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