Thursday, September 15, 2016

A Busy August 14th-- Part 4: New Odyssey at St. John's Parish Fest

August 14, 2016

From the Vinyl Frontier, I drove back to Johnsburg and went to the St. John's Parish Fest, an annual celebration and fundraiser for St. John the Baptist Catholic Church.  This church is beautiful, with towering steeples on top of a hill across from the Johnsburg Community Club on whose grounds the Fest takes place.

Every year they feature a band called New Odyssey or "Three Guys and Thirty Instruments" as they refer to themselves.  During the course of two sets, they will play all 30 instruments, prominently featured on the stage.

One of them, Mike, is a friend of Liz's dating back to her days in Chicago in kindergarten.  They went to the same school together until the end of 8th grade, then lost contact with each other until the obituary for Liz's mother back in 2008 appeared in the local paper.  Mike read it and thought this might be Liz's Mom, called, and she was.  He told her he earns his living in a traveling band called New Odyssey and that they were going to play in Johnsburg in August and we should come out to see him.

We did and we have been coming to see him at Parish Fest ever since.


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