Thursday, September 1, 2016

500 Facts About the Indy 500-- Part 30: Leading the Race

149.  AL  UNSER, SR. was in front of everybody for the most laps, 644, before he retired.

150.  BILLY ARNOLD led the most laps in a single race with 198 in 1930.

151.  That is also the most lead laps by the eventual winner.  He took the lead on lap 2 and never looked back.

152.  DAN WHELDON had the fewest lead laps by a winner with just the one at the end in 2011.

153.  RALPH DEPALMA holds the record for futility.  He led for 196 laps in 1912, but didn't win.

155.  And, when it comes to career futility, MICHAEL ANDRETTI, Mario's son, has led a record 431 laps and never won.


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