Tuesday, June 9, 2015

The Lincoln Highway in Illinois, 1928-- Part 1: Bernard Queneau's Diary

From the Diary of Bernard Queneau.  part of the Boy Scout group crossing the United States on Lincoln Highway.

MONDAY JULY 16, 1968:  Leaving camp at 8:45 we had a little mishap by breaking the neatsfoot oil.  Also, I had a little bad luck in getting the biggest shell.  After getting dirty, etc., we finally hit Chicago heights just in time to be at a Rotary lunch.  (I imagine the boys drew shells to see who had to fix it.)

After staying around Joliet a bit, we were out to camp with Hank Morton and his parents (I would not like to be in their position).  Paul Ohman, a real fine fellow, went along in another car.  The camp is pretty good for such a state.  At campfire we were initiated into the Order of the Rainbow of the Masquantchee tribe.

A Slice of L-H History.  --RoadDog

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