Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Finally Finished "The Local Character"-- Savannah's John Potter

Today I posted the final entry on John Potter, the Savannah resident who created a fake photo of the Confederate ironclad CSS Georgia which was sunk in the Savannah River in December 1864 to prevent its capture by Sherman's men at the conclusion of their March to the Sea from Atlanta.

The Army Corps of Engineers is currently in the middle of a project to raise its remnants for a river deepening and widening project.

Interest in the old Confederate ironclad has never been higher and Potter's "hoax" photo was the only one known  in existence.  From all accounts, he was quite a "local character" on Tybee Island at one time and hung out at a bar called Huc-A-Poos.

We went looking for this bar back in April.  We found it after enduring quite the traffic jams getting to the island, a Civil War fort, driving around lost quite a bit and an incorrect GPS site, but finally found the place and had drinks and ate.  Huc-A-Poos is one of those bars that is definitely different from your BW3s or TGIFs.

To get the whole story, go to my Running the Blockade blog for today's date and punch the Potter John label to get the whole story.

It Was Quite the Road Trip.  --RoadDog

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