Saturday, June 13, 2015

Ten Fun Facts About Disneyland-- Part 1

From the Disneyland Book of Lists.

1.  WHY DID WALT DISNEY CHOOSE ANAHEIM, CALIFORNIA?  One reason:  Annual rainfall there averaged only one inch a month, drier than most of surrounding L.A. County.

2.  ADMISSION AND PARKING OPENING DAY:  Adult admission opening day was $1 and it cost 25 cents to park your car.

3.  NUMBER OF ATTRACTIONS OPENING DAY:  There were 17 main attractions when the park opened.  Today there are more than 60.

4.  GHOSTS AT NIGHT?  Legend has it that spooky spirits roam the park at night.  Ghosts have been reported at various locations, including the Haunted House (of course), Space Mountain and even Walt Disney's apartment above the Fire Hall in Town Square.  (His ghost?)

5.  DISNEYLAND ATTRACTION WITH THE LONGEST NAME?    The Disneyland Story Presenting Great moments With Mr. Lincoln.

And, those Pirates and Small Folks.  --RoadDog

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