Thursday, June 11, 2015

Chicago Motor Club Building Is Back on the Road-- Part 2

General manager Ryna McKenzie of the hotel says that it is one of the most unique Hamptons in the world.  "When guests walk into this lobby, they're going to be blown away."

Even though it is crowded out by much larger and modern structures and outglammed by other boutique hotels like the Hard Rock Hotel at the more significant Carbide and Carbon Building, this is a destination in itself.

It is located at at 68 E. Wacker Place between the Church of Christ Scientist dome and Michigan Avenue.  The classical Motor Club Building insignia is below the Hampton Inn sign.  Once past the revolving doors, you stand in the 33-foot high lobby.

On the mezzanine above the lobby is a 1928 Ford Model A coupe with a rumble seat, which was purchased from a private collector in Spring Grove, Illinois.  That is where I live, but it is not mine.

Above the elevators in the lobby is a 33-foot-wide by 27-foot high mural map of the United States by Chicago artist John Warner Norton,  It predates the Interstate Highway System and shows the roads as they were in the 1920s.  However, I saw the Lincoln Highway, but not Route 66.

There is a legend on it showing major cities, national parks and highways.  One road is called the Black and Yellow Trail, also known today as US-14, that connects Chicago with Yellowstone National Park.

That Is One Impressive Map.  --RoadMap

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