Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Favorite Eating Places on Route 66-- Part 1: Illinois

From Route 66 News site.

Citing slow news along Route 66, the site decided to run a contest to see what is the best place to eat along Route 66.  The rules were that it had to be open and operating, must be on Route 66 or have a history with it, didn't have to be a five-star joint and must have a decent chance to win.

There were quite a few, but I'll focus on ones in Illinois and ones where we've eaten.


The BERGHOFF, Chicago.  Great old place, but I'm still mad about the fake closing they pulled on us when the daughter bought it.

LOU MITCHELL'S, Chicago  Loved this one.  Great breakfast and sign.  I'd have been happy just with their homemade toast, jam and that great coffee.

HENRY'S DRIVE INN, Cicero  Driven by it, but never ate there yet.  Love the giant hot dog on top of it.  And, of course, if you're claiming to have those Chicago Hot Dogs, it'd best be Real Good!!

DEL RHEA'S CHICKEN BASKET, Willowbrook.  Chicken as good as they boast.  Always a big debate as to whether this place or the next has the best chicken.

WHITE FENCE FARM,  Lemont  It's always been closed when we've visited.  One of these days and I will know which is better.  But, come to think of it, it's been so long since we've eaten at del Rhea's, we'll have to go back.

Getting Hungry Just Typing This.  --RoadDog

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