Saturday, June 27, 2015

Indy 500-- Part 6: Vintage Cars and Juan Pablo Montoya.

I had considered going to the Legion to have their buffet, but when Paul said he was going to make his famed breakfast scramble, that settled that thought.

Today is Legend's day, where you pay $10 and get to walk and walk and walk all over the track area and see a whole lot of stuff.  We almost missed the running of the vintage Indy cars around the track because of a confusion with the Eastern/Central time zone thing and Paul forgetting his wallet, but we did get seated by the brick finish line just in time to see the last couple laps.  The two-seater was especially interesting.  In the early days of the race, a mechanic had to also be in the vehicle.

I was disappointed that one pf my favorite racers, Jim Hinchcliffe, was not in the race, even though he had a fast-enough speed to qualify.  Unfortunately, he had a horrible accident earlier in the week.

I had to turn around and go back early on during our trek when I suddenly found the others had stopped a ways back.  John told me that the guy standing by a race car was racer Juan Pablo Montoya.  There were just three other people standing around him besides our group.  His name would come up again the next day.

Imagine That?  --RoadDog

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