Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Indy 500-- Part 8: Walkin' and a Walkin', No Drivin'

MAY 23, 2015, SATURDAY

Now, loaded down with souvenirs (should have bought them on the way out), we walked over to the Indy 500 museum, also inside the track.  Paul and John are of the mind to pay the price to do a couple laps at fast speed around the track.  (I think they're nuts.  Really fast speed in car scares me.)

And, the museum is a good walk, even more so as we walked up and down most of the lanes around Gasoline Alley.  Once we got over by the museum, John and Paul could not find the place to get information about running the course.

But, there was a big area under tents where the vintage cars that had gone around the track earlier were parked so I got to see them up close.  I was especially interested in one that had a speedometer that went "all" the way up to 65 mph.  I also enjoyed the 60% off sale at the cut rate souvenir shop by the museum and bought a 2014 Indy Champion hat for $12.  Like I needed another hat.

We then walked through the various company areas.  As usual, I liked the Chevrolet one the best.  Those 2015 Malibus and Camaros.  Wow, I want one of each.

What was that old Fats Domino song about?  "I'm Walking."

Dog-Tired Feet.  --RoadDog

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