Friday, June 12, 2015

Mississippi's Blues Trail-- Part 1: Highway 61 Revisited...and More!

From the June 7, 2015, Chicago Tribune "On Mississippi's Blues Trail" by Lara Weber.

If you're a blues fan (and I am) this is a good cruise for you going through towns like Tupelo, Clarksdale, Vicksburg (and Civil War there as well) and Biloxi and lots of others.  This is where "the ghosts of the musicians who played the blues, who invented the blues, float above the fields."

Such as Charley Patton (don't know him), Robert Johnson, Howlin' Wolf and Muddy Waters are here and many others, many of whom are much lesser known.  Bob Stroud played Muddy Waters' 1977 "Mannish Boy" on his Ten at ten on WDRV.

And, it is not just along U.S. Highway 61, the 1,400 mile road between New Orleans and Minnesota which is often referred to as "The Blues Highway."  But, its key stretch is in northwestern Mississippi in the region known as the Delta.

In 2003, the Mississippi Blues Commission was created to promote the blues and their main effort came in installing Mississippi Blues Trail markers across the state  The first ones were installed in 2006 and now number 186.

I Refer to Them As Blues On a Stick.  --RoadDog

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