Monday, June 1, 2015

Driving Your Car to See Other Cars-- Part 8; Duesenbergs

Walking into the original art deco factory showroom transports you back 80 years.

Some of their classic cars cost over $1 million and all sit in their original surroundings.  The museum has 12 Duesenbergs, the largest private collection.  There are also a lot of Cords and Auburns. Back then, a new Ford Model A would cost $700 and could reach speeds up to 60 mph.  A Duesenberg Model SJ could hit 120 mph and cost $20,000.

They also have Indiana-built cars and a Marmon V-16, Ruxton, Studebaker Avanti, Frank Lloyd Wright's Cord L-29 and a Crosley Hot Shot.

He suggests staying afterwards at the 1928 Potawatomi Inn at Pokagon State Park and sit on Adirondack chairs and watch the sun set over Lake James.

Sounds Like a Plan.  --RoadDog

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