Tuesday, December 16, 2014

The Last 1928 Lincoln Highway Boy Scout Dies-- Part 2: Oldest Eagle Scout

The display of coast-to-coast half mast flags along the Lincoln Highway dates back to 1915 when Arthur Pardington, a Detroit ma instrumental in the early days of the highway, died.

Mr. Queneau was also recognized as America's oldest-known Boy Scout, something that was very important to him.  he was one of four Boy Scouts who made a 34 day trip along the Lincoln Highway from Philadelphia to San Francisco in 1928 to show safety and help save the Lincoln Highway after it mostly became US-30.

In the 1920s, signs along the road were often vandalized and even used as shooting targets.  It was decided to have a group of Scouts travel the road to show people how to pay respect for and maintain the markers.


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