Friday, December 12, 2014

Cold Ahead-- Part 14: All Christmas Music and Commercials

November 20th.

I must tell you that it never got over freezing all day, though somewhat warmer as I went farther south.

After I left Meijer's in Englewood, I got back on I-70 and drove to Columbus.  The idea was to make sure I was east of that city so I didn't have traffic to contend with tomorrow.

Cruising along, i was on 93.3 FM, WODC, usually classic hits, but now, all Christmas music and a WHOLE LOT of commercials.  They finally broke from commercials to do the weather and then went straight back to, you guessed it, commercials.  Get you holiday music and commercials on WODC.  Then, finally a song, Steve Lawrence doing "Happy Holidays" and then another one titled "Santa Baby."

A fairly uneventful cruise on I-70 to and through Columbus to exit 110 where I checked into the Knight's Inn Motel.


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