Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Cold Ahead-- Part 17: The New US-33

NOVEMBER 21ST, 2014: Cruising along US-33 now and saw a sign saying Athens. Ohio, was 33 miles.  US-33 is all four lane highway and often limited access so fast driving on it.  Liz and I had taken it back in 1976 to save time getting to North Carolina and found it to be all two lane, up and down, twisting and going through every town.  You sure couldn't make time on it back then and we hated it.  (Of course, this is before our old road awakening and we'f like it now.)

It bypassed Nelsonville last year, the last town you had to drive through.  Judging by the steep cuts in the hillside, this was a hard to build stretch of the new US-33.

We had such a disagreeable drive on US-33 back then that I always used to drive I-70 to Zanesville, Ohio, from Columbus and then get off and drive my favorite stretch of the old National Road/ U.S.-40 to Cambridge and then take I-77 into West Virginia.


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