Monday, December 29, 2014

Cold Ahead-- Part 20: Driving Around Athens, Ohio

I got off of US-33 at State Street with the intentions of getting some breakfast and to take a look around.  Athens is a beautiful city, but I have never seen any motels (and with a college campus, Ohio University, there really has to be some.  State Street looked like a big thoroughfare.

I did see a couple motels on it.

Stopped at a McDonald's and am sure I have never seen more cars waiting in line at the drive-through.  I rarely use this way to get my food.  I noticed quite a few cars in the parking lot, but was surprised to see three or four lines at the cash registers, each with 5-7 people in it.

I'm not waiting, so used the facilities and returned to the car.  It even took awhile to get backed out of the space and some more time to work my way around to the other side and exit on State Street.

A block down from McDonald's I found a Burger King with six people total in the restaurant and no one waiting in line.  Hey the breakfasts are just as good and the same price, so why not.


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