Saturday, December 27, 2014

Cold Ahead-- Part 19: The Nelsonville Bypass

NOVEMBER 21, 2014.  Second day of the trip.

I should be reaching Athens, Ohio, in time for my 8 a.m. class at Ohio University.  It is now 7:26 and I am on US-33 and 8 miles northwest of Nelsonville.  The sun is coming up behind the hills (and this is a really hilly area)  It is a pretty sunrise, but soon I will be driving straight into it; right in my eyes.  But, i expect that the hills will help block the sun, hopefully.

Driving on the Nelsonville bypass right now, the last part of US-33 to be made four lane and somewhat limited access. For much of the way from Columbus to West Virginia, US-33 is now akin to an interstate,a far cry from the way it was back in 1976.  This stretch by Nelsonville was probably the last completed (before it was finished, you had to get off US-33 and drive through the downtown with a lot of traffic lights and congestion), because of the big cuts that had to be made in the hillsides.

And with all this cold weather we're having, you could see a whole lot of frozen springs on the hillsides.  I imagine I'll see a whole lot of the frozen springs when driving through West Virginia, especially on the turnpike.


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