Friday, December 5, 2014

Cold Ahead, N.C. Trip-- Part 7: McRib Attack!!

Gas in Gibson City was $2.80.  I never thought I'd see it below $3 again.  I hate Big Oil for making me think $2.80 gas is cheap.  It ISN'T.

McRib season is upon us at McDonald's, and just in time to stop the company's earnings which are in the doldrums.  I try to get at least one McRib every week during this time, and it was coming up on one week, so stop it was at the Mac's in Gibson City.  It was a bit more expensive than at back at home (hard to believe as everything around Spring Grove is more expensive than this distance from Chicago.

It was $3.39 for the McRib sandwich ($2.99 back home).  A full meal was $5.55 (($4.99 in Spring Grove).  Regardless, it was a DELICIOUS meal.  McRibs are so G-O-O-D!!

On to I-74 at Mahomet, Illinois (near the southern terminus of Il-47.  Shortly after getting on the interstate, i see a marker for the origins of the Kaskaskia River.


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