Monday, December 8, 2014

Cold Ahead-- Part 10: Greetings Mr. HNST ABE

One of the highlights of my drive east on Indianapolis on I-70 was what I saw while tooling down the road.  I came up on a minivan and saw the Indiana license plates which read "HNST ABE."  After a short time, i figured out it was "Honest Abe."  I was chuckling to myself and thinking this must be a real bug Abraham Lincoln fan.

As I pulled alongside, I glanced over to get a look at this Lincoln fan.

And, it turned out to be none other than the Great Emancipator himself.  Abraham Lincoln was driving that vehicle.  There he was, in all his glory, hunched forward over the wheel and staring straight ahead as he tried to keep the ship of state on course through the turbulent war.

Sadly, there was no top hat (probably not enough room), but he sure enough had those strange chin whiskers and beard.  He had on a black suit.

I am thinking he must have a speaking engagement in Ohio.

I just had to chuckle.

Sure Made My Day.  --RoadDog

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