Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Cold Ahead-- Part 11: More Radio, Chili and Unreadable Prompts

November 20th, Thursday

Driving along, i picked up 92.1 FM by Columbus and heard some pretty good new R&B.  Not sure if 92.1 FM, WRLU might be out of Dayton.  I started losing the station around Exit 66, "Your station on Exit 66, "you know.

By Dayton, I came across the I-75 junction on I-70 and that is quite a spaghetti junction.  The I-75 signs for north said "To Toledo.  A big yuck to that.  Toledo Rockets, not exactly my favorite team.

Now, I found WODC, my first of those all-Christmas, all-the-time stations on the trip which I get every year.  I heard the Roulettes singing a Christmas song and then there was at least 15 minutes straight of commercials (while i was trying to determine if this was a Christmas station or not.  I mean, those commercials just came and came.

Of course, thanks to pal Denny, I had to stop at Exit 29 in Ohio so I could get my Cincy Chili fix at Skyline  And, then, I got gas at the station across from it which features the infamous no-can-read faded out prompt screen.  It is impossible to read it (the first pump across from Skyline Chili).

You really have to be able to read it to know what your're supposed to be doing.  I had used it before and forgot.  Went to another pump and filled up, then went inside to find out if my account had been cleared from the unreadable pump.  The clerk had no idea what I was talking about (but only a limited ability in English).  Gas was $2.77 here.


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