Wednesday, December 10, 2014

A New Low Here in NE Illinois, $2.29 Gas in McHenry

Last night at Half-Times in Johnsburg, my Buddy Paul was showing his gasoline app on his smart phone and we happened to see gas in McHenry was $2.29!!  That is the lowest price I've seen in years and I decided to go there tomorrow to take advantage of it with my gas guzzling Dakota.

I figured it was because the new Murphy USA had opened by Wal-Mart.  It was.  they were having a welcome deal and all the other stations in the area had also dropped their price to match it.  It had been $2.70 to $2.80, so that is a really big drop.

That $2.29 didn't hurt nearly so much as the nearly $4 a gallon prices we've been getting hit with the last several years.

I would like to thank Big Oil for finally getting their storm trooper boots off our necks and giving the average Joe a break.  But curse you Big Oil for making me thing $2.50 gas is cheap.  It shouldn't be over $2.

Gas in Fox Lake the last I looked was just under $2.60.

I have heard from a Route 66 fan that gas in Oklahoma City has dropped below $2.

Oh Well, You know What They Say About Gift Horses.  --RoadDog

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