Monday, December 15, 2014

Cold Ahead-- Part 16: Photo-Enforced Lights and "Uncle Billy"

NOVEMBER 21, 2014, FRIDAY:  Second Day on the Road.

Mighty cold this morning, but at least no frost on the car windows to contend with when I left.  Not as cold as yesterday, but still cold, especially this far south as I was.  Took the Exit 110 road south from the motel, figuring I would be able to run into US-33.

Encountered lots of those mean old photo-enforced lights and they seemed to be "out to get me."  There is a point where you have to make an instant decision, "Do I or Don't I Go Through."  I certainly don't want a$100 fine.  Lots of traffic on the road, but in eight miles, I was at US-33 and don't think I got a photo-enforced ticket.

Gas along the first stretch of the road was $2.73.  I am now entering Lancaster, Ohio, home of "Uncle Billy" Sherman, yeah, that infamous Union general who, 150 years ago was into his March to the Sea across Georgia and making "Georgia howl" while encouraging his army to "forage liberally."  Georgia still howls over it.


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