Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Seven Days, Seven Bands-- Part 7: Saturday a Meal and a Band, No Guns

Saturday turned out to be an all afternoon job trimming bushes, my least favorite job out in the yard.  I was plenty sore and sweaty by the time I finished the last of the back yard.  And, that was considering that I have quite a few victims of winter kill from this past horrendous assault.  I really hate that term polar vortex.

Then, we went to the American Legion on Nippersink Lake, right by the US-12 bridge for the First Annual SAL (Sons of the American Legion to which I belong because of my grandfather on my mother's side who was a WWI veteran) Gun Raffle and BBQ Chicken Dinner.

Big crowd already there, but we were able to get seats in the bar and talked with friends Glen and Barb and Don and Pat.  The main hall was open and there were quite a few people sitting out in the picnic grove out by the lake.

The American Legion building dates back to 1900 and originally made boats.  In the bar, the huge wooden beams once were used to hoist boats that were being built.

Second Chapter band provided entertainment in the main hall.  I didn't win a gun, but don't know what I would Have done with it had I won one.

--Eatin' and Enjoyin' Bands.  --RoadDog

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