Friday, July 4, 2014

Lost Shopping: Gone But Not Forgotten-- Part 3

From Craig's Lost Chicago.  Continued from June 6, 2014.

These are stores that were once here in Chicago, but no longer.  Many were also nationwide.  The site also has pictures of the stores.  It will bring back memories.

See how many you remember:

Kinney Shoes  (Walking in my Kinneys.)
Schaak Electronics
Pik-Kwik Food & Liquor
Aronson Furniture

Turnstyle  (I remember the first one in our area at Palatine Road and US-12 in Arlington Heights.)
Service Merchandise  (My sister Julie worked at one in Dunwoody, Ga.)
Rose records

Crawford  (I remember the one in Rolling Meadows on Kirchoff Road near our first house in Illinois)
Bert Weinman Ford  (and all those late night commercials)
Boston Store  (always remember the Dekalb Footstompers version of this)

More to Come.  --RoadDog

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