Thursday, July 3, 2014

Seven Bands, Seven Days: Part 8, Day 7, Sunday, No Band

This was a done deal as Captain's Quarters always has a band Sunday afternoon from 3-7 during the summer boating season.

We first went to Nauti-Knots, a new place on the Chain, occupying the old Harbor Club on Bluff Lake.  We sat out by the tiki bar, enjoyed the view and had their deck shoes, which are really Central Illinois horseshoe sandwiches.  One of the owners is from Williamsburg, Illinois, right near the Springfield and wanted to bring the treat northward.

From what we hear, it is going over very well.

Next, we stopped at Cuda's on Grasslake Road.  It had been the former Grass Roots, Kokomo and before that Fringe Benefits where I deejayed quite often back in the day.  It just opened last week.  Pints come in the form of Mason jars.

Then, to Captain's Quarters for the band.  But, upon arriving, we found that the band was not there.  They had been a traditional country band and the boaters and owner didn't like them, plus we heard that they didn't play very well either.

It was too late to go home, get the boat key and go over to Blarney Island for their band, so, no band for me today.  They did have a deejay and he shocked us when he actually talked and interacted with the people.  Most deejays today just sit there, play music and rarely say anything unless it is to talk about specials.

So, yes I did and no I didn't make my seven bands in seven days.  I did see a total of seven bands counting the two that I saw on Wednesday. But, i was trying to see a band on each day.

Well, Yes and No.  --RoadDog

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